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What does mixing Champaign and Red Bull, Tanzanite and Miami have in common? If you answered Ryan Stone Music, you’re a winner!

Ryan Stone Music is one of the hottest bands from… TO SEE MORE,

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Ryan Stone Music – BreadCrumbs

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BreadCrumbs ~ Lyrics
When I look in your eyes, and all that surrounds
you got me hypnotized, you’re the talk of my town
When our lips collide it opens up to a place
for our tongues to hide and fight for the space
Love is hot, and love is cold
Love’s italic, love is bold
Love’s new, and love is old
It’s ante up, and love is fold
Love is a compass, so when we’re lost,
Love leaves breadcrumbs behind…
for us
The touch from you sends me on a carnival ride
And your curves, they bend me on a track by your side
Every silence I breathe you into my soul
and it turns into music …You’re the rock in my roll
Love is hot, and love is cold
Love’s italic, love is bold.
Love’s new, and love is old
It’s ante up, and love is fold
Love’s a compass, when we’re lost
Love leaves breadcrumbs behind…
for us
*It’s within, take a spin
You can lose, you can win
Put it in, put it out,
Put it in and shake it all about
Hey Love’s a compass BABY
when were lost..
Love leaves breadcrumbs behind..
for us..
(Words and music -Ryan Stone)
Ryan Stone Music website: http://www.RyanStoneMusic.com



A multi-talented indie Fusion: Rock/Alternative artist, Ryan Stone composes all of his own music, writes the lyrics, plays all instruments, and sings all vocals on his studio recordings.
Ryan’s touring band features himself on guitar and vocals, Ozzie Jimenez on drums/percussion, Rolando Alemán on rhythm guitar, Spyke Micheal Yurchak on bass guitar and Robert Torra on lead axe!
Ryan hails from Miami, Florida and has a beautiful family of which he’s made the subject of many of his introspective songs.

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First the earth cooled. Then RyanStoneMusic!

“Don’t die with your music still in you.”

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