Ryan Stone Music – The Little Things

..`*.¸.*ღ ´¯A VIDEO featuring our twin granddaughters!¸.Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ..
ENJOY “THE LITTLE THINGS” by Ryan Stone Music!
Video by Linda Madeline of Music & Arts Connection

Megan Slankard – TAKING MY CHANCES

Here’s the amazing Megan Slankard with her fun, upbeat, and highly addictive TAKING MY CHANCES from her newly released album, Running On Machinery!

Jeff Campbell Behind-the-Scenes at Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Ryan Stone Music – Gangster Without A Gun


Gangster Without A Gun ~ Lyrics
(Written by Ryan Stone)
Vox/Guitars- Stone
Drums- Ozzie Jimenez
Bass- Ferny Coipel
She said “come up and see me sometime”
in her best Mae West disguise
but sidewalk talk’s my only crime
like the skaters, the bladers,
the wheelers and the dealers
I talk tough while chewing gum
You figured me out, I’m a gangster without a gun.
If you say life is a cigarette
then it’s fine when you call me a drag
Take a seat and place your bets
with the winners, the losers,
the beggars and the choosers
I talk tough while chewing gum
You figured me out, I’m a gangster without a gun
But if someone came up to you now
I’d be your superman
I would keep you safe and sound
right here in my hands…(2)
I talk tough while chewing gum-(You figured me out)
SPF in the sun…(You figured me out)
I’ll honk my horn and run…
You figured me out, I’m a gangster without a gun

“Bruises” – Megan Slankard Duet with Pat Monahan of Train at Great American Music Hall

Megan Slankard: http://meganslankard.com
Train: http://trainline.com/

April 11, 2012
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, California

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