Ryan Stone Music – Gangster Without A Gun

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Gangster Without A Gun ~ Lyrics
(Written by Ryan Stone)
Vox/Guitars- Stone
Drums- Ozzie Jimenez
Bass- Ferny Coipel
She said “come up and see me sometime”
in her best Mae West disguise
but sidewalk talk’s my only crime
like the skaters, the bladers,
the wheelers and the dealers
I talk tough while chewing gum
You figured me out, I’m a gangster without a gun.
If you say life is a cigarette
then it’s fine when you call me a drag
Take a seat and place your bets
with the winners, the losers,
the beggars and the choosers
I talk tough while chewing gum
You figured me out, I’m a gangster without a gun
But if someone came up to you now
I’d be your superman
I would keep you safe and sound
right here in my hands…(2)
I talk tough while chewing gum-(You figured me out)
SPF in the sun…(You figured me out)
I’ll honk my horn and run…
You figured me out, I’m a gangster without a gun

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Keaton Simons – Beautiful Pain

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It’s Diggable – Ryan Stone Music

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Concrete mixes with my juices in the brain
it hardened and left me insane
now I’ve gotta pray for rain!
All these forces pulling me in corners alright
they call it the gift of sight…by the way that you look tonight….I think it’s diggable

You’re talking, walking round in circles at the pool
I’m calm, collected and cool
lying in my own drool
All these forces pulling me in corners alright
they call it the gift of sight…by the way that you look tonight….I think its diggable

weebles they, wobble but, they don’t fall down!

All these forces pulling me in corners alright
they call it the gift of sight….by the way that you look
tonight, I think its diggable……

Written by: Ryan Stone
Ryan Stone Music
Fern- Bass

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RyanStoneMusic – “Fusing energy with melody”

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What does mixing Champaign and Red Bull, Tanzanite and Miami have in common? If you answered Ryan Stone Music, you’re a winner!

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Jeff Campell – DRIVE (The Cars – Cover)

I’m posting this extraordinary cover of THE CARS’ DRIVE for a dear friend, and Grandfather to my niece and nephew, who dedicated his life’s work to making a very well traveled toll road in the east safer for us all. Gone too soon and forever in our hearts.

#ThrowbackThursday: Ryan Stone Music ROCKS the Coconut Grove Arts Festival in Miami!

The weather was perfect at 75° and clear blue skies at the 51st Annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival!

Ryan Stone rocks the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life in Miami!


L to R: Robert Torra, Ryan Stone, “Spyke” Micheal Yurchak, Rolando Alemán

A staple at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, *RSM delivered their finest performance to date on the main stage on Sunday, February 16th, 2014.

Ryan Stone welcomed his newest band members, Rolando Alemán who skillfully commanded the rhythm guitar and “Spyke” Micheal Yurchak who rocked the bass, along with long-time buddy and accomplished drummer/percussionist, Ozzie Jimenez (Shayda Gray), and distinguished lead guitar player, Robert Torra.

*RSM opened the show with their newest original song, I’ll Break Your Fall. The set-list was JAM-packed with favorites including RAIN!, SugarFree, The Common Thread, Go Higher and many more!

Ozzie Jimenez nails it on drums!

Ryan Stone Music was established by multifaceted lyricist, songwriter, singer and musician Ryan Stone. He released his solo debut album entitled “Me and My Big Mouth” in January of 2008. The title, was a play on words as Stone himself wrote and orchestrated all of the compositions, played all the instruments and performed all the vocals.

Building success upon success, Stone released his second album “Life Needs A Soundtrack” where again he exhibits his true talents and takes out of the box concepts molding them into accessible tunes that both mainstream listeners and those with a taste for diversity will embrace.

Fusing energy with melody, *RSM creates songs that are long lasting and highly addictive. Even Billboard Magazine and Song of the Year recognized Ryan Stone Music as an influential powerhouse when not one, but three of his songs, “Fallen”, “Breakaway” and “1 and 1 Makes 3”, were honorably mentioned!
(Paraphrased from Zach Westerfeld’s review here: http://epresskitz.com/kit.php?u=35258880)

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The Little Things – Ryan Stone Music

The Little Things~ Lyrics
Written by Ryan Stone
All instruments and Vocals- Stone
It’s the last minute of sleep before the alarm the goes off
When water flows down your back and follows your trail
It’s the early morning rise of the sun
It’s the little things
It’s the sound of the rain hitting the pavement
It’s when your eyes are making contact with mine
It’s the silences and the mean times
It’s the little things
They’re awesome things
In all this, all these things they pile up
The world gets so damn heavy now
when I feel like it might just drop
I think of the little things song
When you’re catching that wave of possibility
in all this boundless spirit energy
When you’re listening to Bob Marley
It’s the little things
They’re awesome things
It’s girls’ feet hanging out the window
When the light changes green and you’ve got open road
When you collect your $200 for passing go
It’s the little things
They’re awesome things
It’s the sun on the water, hakuna matata
Your skin is glazed and chromed cracked de nada
Footprints in sand and we’re hand to hand
and we’re tan to tan
I’m your music man
*Tribute to U2, The Police, Bob Marley, John Mayer, & The Samples