The Little Things – Ryan Stone Music

The Little Things~ Lyrics
Written by Ryan Stone
All instruments and Vocals- Stone
It’s the last minute of sleep before the alarm the goes off
When water flows down your back and follows your trail
It’s the early morning rise of the sun
It’s the little things
It’s the sound of the rain hitting the pavement
It’s when your eyes are making contact with mine
It’s the silences and the mean times
It’s the little things
They’re awesome things
In all this, all these things they pile up
The world gets so damn heavy now
when I feel like it might just drop
I think of the little things song
When you’re catching that wave of possibility
in all this boundless spirit energy
When you’re listening to Bob Marley
It’s the little things
They’re awesome things
It’s girls’ feet hanging out the window
When the light changes green and you’ve got open road
When you collect your $200 for passing go
It’s the little things
They’re awesome things
It’s the sun on the water, hakuna matata
Your skin is glazed and chromed cracked de nada
Footprints in sand and we’re hand to hand
and we’re tan to tan
I’m your music man
*Tribute to U2, The Police, Bob Marley, John Mayer, & The Samples

Ryan Stone Music – GO HIGHER

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GO HIGHER~ (words & music: Ryan Stone)

Live your life to the fullest, challenge yourself

create positive energy,

be motivated, seek adventure, feel the rush

as your dreams become reality

Go beyond what they could ever do or say

and attempt at the impossible

break through the atmosphere

and tread on with no fear

as the world beneath you disappears


GO HIGHER…GO HIGHER go higher everyday.

GO HIGHER…GO HIGHER and make it a lifestyle..


Again and again up and up I ascend to the top

I cut through all this misc. noise

So now im gonna put my passion in action

Its time I reaped `the rewards

Go beyond what they could ever do or say

and attempt at the impossible

break through the atmosphere

and tread on with no fear

as the world beneath you disappears


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NYC, TNBTA, Inspiration and Artistic Expression…

A lovely night for a book launch with Heather Jacks (author), Gaines Coleman, Laura Goldfarb, Keaton Simons, Jason Adamo and 35 NYC Street Buskers at Martin Lawrence Gallery in SoHo!


TNBTA bookTNBTAToni and RickTNBTAToni and Rick madcap

TNBTA RICK and WarholTNBTA TONI AND ANDYTNBTA opening actTNBTA partyTNBTA book with Lila a

As if spending an evening with my son Rick, amidst Warhol, Picasso and Chagall wasn’t enough,  the Martin Lawrence Gallery was the stage for The Noise Beneath The Apple, TNBTA , book party celebrating the independent artists performing on the streets and nooks and crannies of NYC. The festivities included an excerpt reading, some live performances and a fun pop-up photo booth from DeckNYC.

The Noise Beneath the Apple is my coveted new coffee table book and so much more! It encompasses that amazing feeling I get when listening to a performer sharing music for the love of music and it was my pleasure to be a part of this amazing scene.  From classical violin to hip hop to tribal baroque, you can find it here. It brings me back to my love affair with New York City, where old world grandeur meets the avant-garde and creativity is king.  The nod to the best…

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