50 states of talent……. First stop Miami, Florida and Ryan Stone Music

I agree, nothaydn, “Why haven’t they been snatched up by a label yet?”!


That’s right we have been heading into some colder weather so I have decided to start my 50 states of talent  in Florida, the Miami area to be geographically correct.  This is where Ryan Stone and his band come in.

Ryan Stone has spent many years fronting various bands in the Miami area before going solo.  Another multi-talented lyricist and musician he chose to play all of the instruments on his first release in 2007.

With their construction guy good looks the current line up is a full band joining many seasoned local musicians: Ozzie Jimenez, Ax Aleman and of course Ryan Stone.

Ryan has a nicely laid out web page and can be found on all the social media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. He is definitely an experienced local guy who is quite capable of marketing himself in his part of town.  He has spent the time to put together some…

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